Tickets and opening hours

The doors open at 3pm on Friday, and close at 6pm on Sunday. During the nights (3am to 9am) there is no official program or events. The Ropecon site will nevertheless be open for visitors throughout the whole weekend.

Ticket prices are as follows:

–          30€ for the whole weekend
–          20€ for a single day (Friday and Saturday)
–          10€ for a Sunday ticket

A single day ticket is valid from the moment of purchase until 8am of the following morning. The ticket gives the holder access to the entire program as well as a possibility for staying the night at the dedicated places for lodging. Also included are showers, sauna, and the cloakroom – no further fees are required.

Children under the age of 12 can attend the event free of charge, provided that they are accompanied by an adult who has a valid ticket. There are no age limits for the event itself, but specific program items can be restricted by age due to possibly explicit content. If you plan to attend such program items, bring a valid ID to prove your age.

General practices

There is no dress code but some clothing is mandatory, please cover your privates. Most popular attire usually is a pair of jeans and a t-shirt but if you wish to dress up and show off your latest creation for the season, please do!

Flailing weapons, any weapons (including but not limited to leek) is prohibited at Ropecon. If you wish to include any kind of weaponry as a part of your costume, it must be attached to your person at all times ie. swords, knives and guns stay holstered.
In addition, if you carry gun replicas, they must be marked with red marker tape, instructions and tape available at the Info desk.
Alcohol is banned on the Ropecon premises outside of the Cantina restaurant. There is also a bar at the hotel. You may partake of your own beverages down at the beach. Please note that you may be denied entry to or be removed from the event if you appear intoxicated.

Throughout the event you will find our Security personnel dressed in flashy yellow or orange vests, they are around to secure your and every other visitors safety and enjoyable event. Their requests and especially orders are non-negotiable, please listen and respect what they have to say.

Information in English

There is an English version of the guidebook available at the Info Desk. Make sure to ask for one as they won’t be on display (to make sure they are saved for international visitors only). The guidebook has a map, information about international program and a small dictionary. Furthermore, most of the volunteers speak English very well, and are happy to help you.

Lodging at Ropecon

The free lodging (from Friday to Sunday) is included in the convention ticket. You will have to sleep on the floor, though, so we suggest bringing a camping mattress and a blanket or a sleeping bag. Remember, that during early spring, it is likely that is is quite chilly at night. (Free lodging from Thursday to Friday, and from Sunday to Tuesday, is for Ropecon staff only.)

The Radisson Blu Hotel Espoo is located just down the street from Dipoli, mere 300 meters away.

There are showers and sauna for the convention quests in Rantasauna, see Maps.

Shower and sauna schedules are found further down on this page.  In addition, there will be showers after certain program items, such as the dances; you can ask the exact schedules from the Ropecon Info desk during the convention.

If you have lots of stuff, you can leave them at the cloakroom next to the main entrance.



There is a restaurant in Dipoli (called Cantina) and a convenience store, Alepa, is a mere 200 metres away. Right outside the convention centre there are several fast food stalls, and the hotel has a restaurant or three. The convenience store is by far the cheapest option.

Shower and Sauna

Sauna and Showers on the Rantasauna (Shore sauna)

Friday shower and sauna: TBA

Saturday shower: TBA

Saturday shower & sauna: TBA

Sunday shower: TBA

Buying stuff

The dealers’ room in Ropecon is called Kaubamaja. It is located in the hall 4 and is open:

  •    on Friday from 3 PM to 9 PM
  •    on Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM
  •    on Sunday from 10 AM to 3 PM

The place to buy Ropecon-themed merchandise is located in Kapyaula, near the Info desk. The stall is open on Friday from 3pm to 9pm, Saturday 10am to 9pm, and Sunday 10am to 3pm.

Other tips:

You can leave your belongings at the cloakroom immediately inside the main entrance of Dipoli. It’s free, though tips are accepted with gratitude. If you are travelling with items that are large or heavy (or goth) items, we suggest leaving them at Smökki, please see Maps.

There’s a free WIFI called Aalto open at Dipoli for all the guests to use. An ATM (’OTTO’ in Finnish) is located near the grocery store outside the convetion center. Please note that the ATM may run out of cash during the weekend, so it is advisable to bring sufficient amount of cash as some fast food stalls and retailers do not unfortunately accept credit cards.

Around Ropecon, our volunteer workers are wearing badges and many speak several languages. Feel free to ask them to translate something for you: including program items, signs, menus, or just generally help to overcome language barriers in conversations.

If you have any questions during the convetion, simply visit our info desk, located in the big hall (“Käpyaula”) on the ground floor of Dipoli. Ask them anything, for the Info knows everything!