The Planarch Codex: If On A Wintry Plane a Freebooter

The module begins in a railway station. The engine coughs to life, steam and smoke obscuring the view. Crowds of people mill about, railway workers hauling goods and travelers wrapped in heavy coats against the cold. Behind you, the station windows are webbed with a network of icy lines that intersect. This is Sultana’s Crossing, a major junction on the borderlands between the city of Dis and Svernaria, the great plane of winter. Your crew is here on a job involving Esmerela Lucca L’Apostata, a defrocked nun of the Eternal Order of the Gathering Dark. An adventure of planar intrigue on a train using the World of Dungeons system.

Järjestäjä: Patrik Renholm
Tapahtuman tyyppi: Aloittelijaystävällinen, Englanninkielinen, Pöytäpelit