The Last Samogitian Foray

Samogitia, vast russet wasteland strewn with settlers’ debris and abandoned tech. If anything here had some worth, it has been scraped long ago by thieves or by Them. But in the eyes of people still inhabiting this land, old borders haven’t lost their importance, and crossing them is just a new form of sacrilege. The last such crime has been committed years ago, but it hasn’t been revenged. The echoes of previous ruler, dispersed in the Net, are still calling for retribution – and they don’t care whether the spilled blood will belong to people or to Them. The game’s main themes are identity and conflict – and particularly, identity that arises through conflict, by othering another group. The game’s focus is on acting and interactions between characters. The game calls for improvising a setting (all we give the players is the idea of a generic posthuman wasteland with rabid AIs and some unnamed invaders named Others), and it also introduces a novel mechanic of imperatives (each character has a secret she or he is not sure to reveal; the reveal is triggered by a certain event that might happen during the game).

Järjestäjä: Ela Glowacka, Kari Lukasik
Tapahtuman tyyppi: Englanninkielinen, Larpit