The computer kept drawing red and blue lines, depicting the masses of swirling gas. Symbols surrounding the storm map constantly updated on its components. The orb signifying Ganymede was strolling through adjacent screen. The pointers in cockpit were trembling slightly, as if in shallow, nervous sleep, but it only meant that everything was as it should be. After all, what could go wrong – surely nothing about the blinding crimson bolts slashing through the storm greater in diameter than Earth itself? Speaking of Earth, it had disappeared from radars long ago and this was more disturbing than the Maelstrom yawning below. ”Maelstrom” is a game about isolation and responsibility in the face of dangers known and unknown. The characters have to come to terms with their reasons for joining the space mission to Ganymede and look at their life on Earth from (literal) perspective, as well as make decisions about the mission’s future development and shape.

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Järjestäjä: Kari Lukasik, Ela Glowacka
Tapahtuman tyyppi: Englanninkielinen, Larpit