Vengeance on Wheels (Interstate of Warcraft)

Two decades have passed since vast bands of warriors gathered on the fields of glory to decide the fate of all kingdoms on the continent of Murika. Humans and elves, orcs and trolls, along with their allied peoples, were manipulated into a fierce conflict by an outside force. At the last moment, they struck an uneasy truce, together managing to defeat and rout the foreign force of hellish infernal origins that instigated the flames of war, restoring the peace of their nations and spirits of the wilderness. But not many years after banishing the demons, restless spirits begin to whisper and old grudges seemingly die hard – and sparks of a new fire begin to smoulder… A few veterans of the great old Murikan civil war are driven to battle once again, facing their old fears and new foes. The time has come to fill up the tanks, swap the slicks for tarmac rally tires, check the CB radio’s channel, and pull back the slides of machine guns. Pedal on the floor, totems packed in the trunk, turbocharger whistling and wheels squealing, towards the sunset!

Järjestäjä: Ossi Mäkinen
Tapahtuman tyyppi: Aloittelijaystävällinen, Englanninkielinen, Pöytäpelit