The Branded: Xedchitmon Comes!

This game takes place in the game world known as The Branded. Player imagination and creativity are key to solving the mysterious adventure that will take place. The city has recently had a string of criminal activities and a strange visitor has come bearing gifts for the king. Join the task force that will put the city back into working order and perhaps uncover a well-kept secret. This story is non-linear and has multiple endings. Due to popularity the game is coming back again to Ropecon for the 4th year! Which ending will you get? Will you be the saviors of the city or spark an irreversible cataclysm? Come and find out!

Järjestäjä: Zach Rishling
Tapahtuman tyyppi: Aloittelijaystävällinen, Englanninkielinen, Pöytäpelit