The Soul Sepulchre

Welcome to The Soul Sepulchre. One life is not enough, as the players will have the chance to play as as entire town of diverse people. Everyone from the mid-wife to the high priestess, from the town drunk to the experienced rangers. The town is begin hit by a threat it hasn’t seen in centuries. A plot is afoot within the small, yet dangerous town. The players will get one of the townsfolk to play as to start, but when that character dies, all knowledge and experience will be transferred to another one of the townsfolk due to the magic of the Sepulchre. The players will have as many ”tries” as there are townsfolk to complete the story. Will you play as the hero and plot your way to victory? Will you play defensively or use your current body to glean information? Will you take advantage of the people around you and destroy everyone? This game has multiple scenarios and multiple endings. This game is a mixture of horror, thriller and fantasy. While this is still a table-top RPG, it is less about dice rolls, more about choices. Come have fun in The Soul Sepulchre.

Järjestäjä: Zach Rishling
Tapahtuman tyyppi: Aloittelijaystävällinen, Englanninkielinen, Pöytäpelit